Brave Cape Town Shopper Tackles Cell Phone Thief In Supermarket, Goes Viral

A Cape Town shopper became a hero after he tackled a cell phone thief inside a Spar supermarket.

The thief, who was posing as a shopper, grabbed a customer’s phone and tried to run away. But he did not expect to meet a Rasta man with a white turban and glasses, who was getting a trolley.

The Rasta man saw the thief running towards the exit and tripped him with his left leg. The thief fell and slid on the floor, while the Rasta man’s turban came off his head. A shop assistant cheered as she watched the scene, holding a basket.

The thief quickly got up and ran to the glass door, but it was too late. The security and another customer had already closed it. The Rasta man followed him and punched him hard, while four other people held him down.

Watch the video below:

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